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Jumping on the bandwagon

i'm supposed to write on my assignment. but it was quite difficult. so im writing something easy. like this

i notice that there are more malaysian vlogging in youtube. i've been watching youtube on daily basis for more than a year now (yes, very new) because the internet in US is awesome. so yeah, im actually surprise to see malaysian actually watch, and on youtube. haha even though it is obviousss

i'm interested to see where this malaysian youtub-ing is heading. since malaysia is so small, so it is easy for it to leave impact on the mainstream of they want to. (lol i felt it sound academic. too much writing essay i guess)

haha but i'm not a fan of any of them yet. not until they stop talking about lame things and start talking about real issues.

makan makan

 i'm getting rajin to rant in this blog

or, i just got bored while doing homework

i just realized that i haven't eat today. its 10pm

really, x pernah dlm hidup aku lupa makan sbb sibuk buat kerja. really, x pernah

aku sentiasa igt makan, sebab it is an excuse to not doing homework for a while

but now, i've been working on rough plan (JUST rough plan!) on my essay the whole day. ugh
i'm almost done, but i should write a paragraph or two, sebab nk tunjuk kat Miss E esok.

oh, i think i found a way to overcome my winter blues (despite spring is sooo near!)
CAFFEINE. for now i'll limit five shots per day. it might be bad for my body, but i know i won't drink coffee when its get warmer.

divided by zero

i though since i'm done with midterm two weeks before spring break would mean i'm having pre-spring break leisure time. 

actually, i do

i just have a very, very simple assignment

but, the timing is not right


really, i hate winter

i feel too sleepy, unenergetic

i can take 7 shots of coffee like what i did last weekend, but i'm not going to ruin my body

so what i did today is just sleep. because its COLDD

spring tolong ah datang..

really, i need to see the sun shine brightly. 

OK, enuf about the weather

harini aku makan ikan tilapia masak asam pedas. tiga serving, sebab aku malas nk freeze kan food. aku menyampah tgk frozen cooked food merata2 dlm freezer. and they doesn't look appetizing too. eventhough the taste still the same
so yeah i'd rather overeating than keeping the food for later.
not good, i know. but i guess food stock aku dh berkurang. good news maa!

Feb. 28th, 2011

 I have viscous flow midterm tomorrow, but really, i feel unbelievably unmotivated. maybe because it is open book test. and it is still winter

and i just done with ochem midterm too. i think i did okay, but i was sleepy, so i'm expecting a lot of point going to be deducted from my carelessness. haha habes negative

on the positive note, i'll be done with first round midterm after tomorrow. in 12 hrs 30 mins to be exact. But I still have a take home exam, homework that i'm supposed to turn in tomorrow but i delayed it due to midterm, and a seven pages essay. and oh group project.

so basically that is what happening with my life now. can't wait for spring break

fish-y days

 i think i going back to fish diet. again

well, it's because i'm running out of chicken and beef and i don't feel like buying. but i do feel like eating. LOL
well, kalau rase nak makan ayam, beli je ar kosher sandwich kat campus

the main reason i'm not going to restock my chicken is that usually it is going to take about a month to finish a whole chicken. if i cook atleast once a week lah. include when my friends come over. but my stock for this month run out pretty quick though. less than 3 weeks. and i don't cook that often. weird. was it because my friends came over? maybe. oh dah off topic. and so this semester, about 2 months left, and i'm gonna get busier each day, so i think i don't need chicken. or maybe i do. suddenly i felt 2 month is pretty long period. but then i'm on my mission of finishing my food stock. so i should eat what ever in my kitchen before restocking. and one of my food that is in my freezer is fish stick. i did not buy them. my friend bought it and left it in my freezer. and she's not getting it back. so aku kena habis kan. honestly that fish stick is not that good, but i ate it with sweet chili sauce, and it becomes edible for me. so i ate it whenever i don't feel like fixing any breakfast or dinner. sometimes lunch. or when i'm bored.

anyhow, another reason is that i have to ask my friend to buy chicken. means that i have to go out. and to be honest, i'd rather not eating chicken that going out. with him. or i'd rather go to the store by bus. lagipun kedai halal isn't that far. about 20 mins probably. *checking gmaps" okay its 30mins during the day and 24 mins at night. weird. how is that? maybe because of the traffic. meh
and so i'm going to eat fish again. just like my freshman year. ahahaha. oh. i'm a sophomore? wow. and i'm a junior this august. double wow! 

while doing homework

 and so i started my day by doing some homework
i was assigned to read and write notes about two articles for my writing class.
and this is how easily distracted i am:

one of the article discuss about women as athletes. and after a few paragraphs the author talks about Bend It Like Beckham movie. and i realized i haven't watch that movie and so i googled it. and i watched it. right away. 

and the other article talks about how Lara Croft symbolizes feminism and adventure. yes. GAMES. now i feel like charging my PSP and play persona 3 right away.
hmm.. ok takpe. time wasted but i'll move on. but i need to finish the movie a bit (i never able to watch movie continuously. will stop every 10-20 mins)

what i cook today!

 school has been pretty hectic. but so far i'm taking it easy and today i decided to cook something special. regardless whatever smell might come from it, sorry roommate. i'm asian after all ;P

so, what did i made?

mi singapore. theres several names for this noodle. but this what i call it. just bihun, with lime leaves and lemon grass. I'd say, success. but shud letak more serai

sambal belacan. heck yes. i just bought a lot of cili padi so i made sambal belacan. but my mistake, i just follow the recipe, even though it says put quarter CUP of salt. yes, my sambal belacan agak masin :( but still ok, since i actually put a bit less than quarter cup lol. but still a lot la.

aanddd keropok lekorr!! i actually was in a bad mood a whole day due to several issues. and around 10pm, i was like, buat keropok lekor laa, since i'm not doing anything productive. and it turned out OK! yeah, memang la it wasn't the best keropok in the world, but i like it. hey, it is keropok lekor made in los angeles, ok la tuh :)

so, my mood is getting better. lagipun, i just realize, everything is TEMPORARY. no matter how big is the problem now, it is just one phase of my life

and the curtain falls

 LOL. First week of school just ended, and I saw dramas started

REALLY, I'm tired. This really beat the purpose why I came to my current university in the first place.

We just have like, 5,6 people from my country in my university. Why, why drama still could happen?

In the end, I just want to let them be. I'm cool. No, I mean, I don't care.

Ha, I've been swaying from my schedule. didn't study at all today. yabai.

Early goodbye to Fall 10

 I just can't freakin wait for Fall 10 to end, so i made this post. Though I might write another one when the finals are over!

I'm quite screwed for this semester. Mainly because I'm pretty much in shock how crazy engineering course actually is. But well, I just have to move on. And I'll take whatever happen on this semester as lesson to me. Really, I think I studied a lot, so I guess that is not enough. I have to increase my effort ten fold next semester. OK. now imma going back to study k.

I hate winter

 The season is finally arrived. WINTER. why? why?

u make my brain freeze
u make lazy to go to class
u make me hikikomori

to make things worse, i have FINAL EXAM in about one week


knowing that I choose to study at one of the sunniest place in America doesn't help either. IS THAT SUN JUST FOR SHOWWW?
man, its too cold that even the sun couldn't help :/

on the other note...

i went to grocery store today and i met a mr date rape. yeah, i call him that because that exactly what that guy probably do to most girl. suddenly he approached me and asked for my name, my school, where i came from and my phone number. i was soo annoyed and just run away. that guy is black
hey, i'm not racist but if any guy stare at me, without blinking asking me those question, it is obvious. i don't know why i would even write this because it's DUH. normal in America. In fact i'm nice enough to answer up to the second question (eventho i kinda fake my name lol) because other people would've ignore him.

okay, chow